BMI products - USA - plumbing
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Quarter-Turn PEX Brass Sillcock Valves
Lead Free Chrome Plated Valves 1/2 Push-Fit x 3/8 OD
P-Traps with Cleanout Cast DWV
Hot and Cold Frost Free Faucets
Heavy Duty No-Hub Couplings
Brass Back Flow Squeeze-ins'
Lead Free Cast Copper Unions
Appliance Gas Valves with Yellow or Red Handle
Lead Free Chrome Plated Ball Valves with Dual Outlets
Lead Free Chrome Plated Valves with Water Hammer Arrester
Brass Closet Flanges
Lead Free Copper Companion Flanges #125
Lead Free Cold Expansion Chrome Valves
Lead Free Press-Fit Ball Valves 600 WOG
Lead Free Push-Fit Brass Ball Valves with FF Flexible Tube
Lead Free Cold Expansion Brass Valves
CPVC Brass Adapters
Snap-in Drain Covers
Plastic J Clips with Nail
Stubout Elbows with Flange
Crimp Tools 3 Handles for Stainless Steel Ring
CxC Unions Wrot
Quarter Turn Boiler Drains
PEX Pipe Radial Cutter
Solid Brass Closed Bolts Assemblies
Lead Free CCF Cast Tees
Plastic Clips & Bend Support
Stubout Elbows
Brass Sillcock Valves
Lead Free Compression x Compression Ball Valves
Waste Connectors
Lead Free PEX x C Brass Ball Valves
Lead Free PEX x FIPS 90s Dropear
P-Traps less Cleanout Cast DWV
Wrot Copper Flush Bushing
Merchant Steel Couplings