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 Brass Fittings
Brass Fittings 125 - Lead FreeBrass Fittings 125 - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf BLF-13-1d xls BLF-13-1d 
Effective Date 2013-08-21more...
Brass Pipe & Nipples - Lead FreeBrass Pipe & Nipples - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf BPN-18-1 xls BPN-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
 Brass Valves
Brass Ball Valves - Lead FreeBrass Ball Valves - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf BBVLS-18-1 xls BBVLS-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
Brass Ball ValvesBrass Ball Valves
Price Lists and Packings pdf BBV-18-1 xls BBV-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
Brass Valves - Lead FreeBrass Valves - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf BRVLS-18-1 xls BRVLS-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
Brass ValvesBrass Valves
Price Lists and Packings pdf BRV-18-1 xls BRV-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
Frost Free FaucetsFrost Free Faucets
Price Lists and Packings pdf FFF-18-2 xls FFF-18-2 
Effective Date2018-08-15 **recent listmore...
BMI Press - Wrot Copper Press-Fit FittingsBMI Press - Wrot Copper Press-Fit Fittings
Price Lists and Packings pdf CPF-18-1d xls CPF-18-1d 
Effective Date 2018-02-01more...
Cast Copper Fittings - Lead FreeCast Copper Fittings - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf CCFLS-18-1 xls CCFLS-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
Copper Pressure & DWV FittingsCopper Pressure & DWV Fittings
Price Lists and Packings pdf CWR-18-1 xls CWR-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
ACR - Refrigeration Copper FittingsACR - Refrigeration Copper Fittings
Price Lists and Packings pdf ACR-18-1 xls ACR-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
 Plumbing Specialties
Dielectric Unions - Lead FreeDielectric Unions - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf DIELS-13-1c xls DIELS-13-1c 
Effective Date 2013-11-05more...
Dielectric UnionsDielectric Unions
Price Lists and Packings pdf DIE-13-1d xls DIE-13-1d 
Effective Date 2013-09-03more...
Plumbing SpecialtiesPlumbing Specialties
Price Lists and Packings pdf GSP-18-1b xls GSP-18-1b 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
Chrome Plated Valves - Lead FreeChrome Plated Valves - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf CPVLS-18-1 xls CPVLS-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
No-Hub CouplingsNo-Hub Couplings
Price Lists and Packings pdf NHC-12-1 xls NHC-12-1 
Effective Date 2012-05-15more...
Water Hammer Arresters - Lead FreeWater Hammer Arresters - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf WHALS-18-1 xls WHALS-18-1 
Effective Date2018-08-15 **recent listmore...
Merchant Steel Couplings & FittingsMerchant Steel Couplings & Fittings
Price Lists and Packings pdf MER-18-2 xls MER-18-2 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings 150Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings 150
Price Lists and Packings pdf MAC-18-2 xls MAC-18-2 
Effective Date 2018-05-01more...
Extra Heavy Malleable Fittings 300Extra Heavy Malleable Fittings 300
Price Lists and Packings pdf MAX-18-2 xls MAX-18-2 
Effective Date 2018-05-01more...
 PEX & F1960 Fittings
Poly-Alloy (PPSU) Cold Expansion - F1960 FittingsPoly-Alloy (PPSU) Cold Expansion - F1960 Fittings
Price Lists and Packings pdf CXP-16-2d xls CXP-16-2d 
Effective Date 2016-12-07more...
Poly-Alloy PEX FittingsPoly-Alloy PEX Fittings
Price Lists and Packings pdf PPX-15-1c xls PPX-15-1c 
Effective Date 2015-09-21more...
PEX Fittings - Lead FreePEX Fittings - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf PEXLS-18-1 xls PEXLS-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
 Push-fit Fittings
Push-Fit Fittings - Lead FreePush-Fit Fittings - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings pdf PFTLS-18-1 xls PFTLS-18-1 
Effective Date 2018-04-01more...
 Steel Nipples
Welded Steel Pipe NipplesWelded Steel Pipe Nipples
Price Lists and Packings pdf STN-18-2a xls STN-18-2a 
Effective Date 2018-05-01more...
Extra Heavy Seamless Steel Pipe NipplesExtra Heavy Seamless Steel Pipe Nipples
Price Lists and Packings pdf STX-18-2 xls STX-18-2 
Effective Date 2018-05-01more...
Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings and NipplesStainless Steel Threaded Fittings and Nipples
Price Lists and Packings pdf SFN-13-3b xls SFN-13-3b 
Effective Date 2013-10-11more...
PVC ValvesPVC Valves
Price Lists and Packings pdf PVC-12-1 xls PVC-12-1 
Effective Date 2012-03-01more...